Monday, December 21, 2015

Weight Loss Recap

My weight loss journey has been a long and hard one. I struggle every single day to eat right, lose weight and try to stay on track. I am not sure of what the number on the scale is right now. I am to scared to really get on there and see. I have not been able to run as much lately as I have injured my heel/ankle. I can run about 3 days a week before it hurts to bad. I am having to make better decisions with my food to make up for the not running as much part.

Yesterday I put on some actual jeans, not the stretchy stuff, that I have not been able to wear for awhile. They used to be big on me and then it got to the point where I couldn't fit in them. Yesterday, I got them back on. I must say, they look pretty damn good on me if I do say so myself. 


The biggest struggle with my weight loss is the way I eat. I love food. I love pasta and carbs. I am having trouble breaking up with them. I wish I had the motivation and drive to work out every time and eat super healthy but I love my self and I am not going to starve myself to fit in some clothes. I am 29 lbs away from my goal weight. I have lost around 10lbs and I still have a ways to go but to see the little losses and smaller goals come makes it that much easier to get there.

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