Friday, December 11, 2015

Thing's I Don't Undertand

The world has changed so much in the past decade and I am not really sure I am loving it. Some things are so out there and I just do not understand them. 
The Whip/Nae Nae Song. In 40 years people will be like what was wrong with the world back then because this song is one of the worst songs I have heard in my entire life. It makes my ears hurt and the dance is just as bad.
Black Friday Shopping. It is bad that we are so consumed with material things but Black Friday really shows you how bad it is/can be. I would never leave my family to go shopping. 
 Blake Shelton/ Gwen Stefani. I know they say opposites attract but damn. This is so far out of left field that I will never understand it. Remember Blake, she is not Miranda! 
Spending for Christmas. I am not able to spend a ton of money for the holidays. If I was rich or had more money, I still would not. More people need to focus on the holiday and not the money aspect of it.  
Saint West. Do I even need to write anything about this? Bless their hearts.
 When celebs get mad. This is a little different but I can not stand a celebrity that complains about being famous and how they can not do anything without being seen or spotted. You are famous, you have more money than sense and your mad? Pretty sure most of the world would switch with you in a heart beat.
The Duggars. I wanted to love them but I can't. Anyone who gets married that quick, names their kid Spurgeon and acts like child molestation is not bad, has some issues. 
Once Upon A Time. Why did they have to kill off the best character on the show?? Come on! The show knows we love Captain Hook. Bring him back or else!
What are some things you just don't understand? Let me know below! 

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