Friday, December 4, 2015


I have been told that I got married young. I have read a ton of articles on how you should not get married young and a handful of why you should.I have also seen all of the articles on 20 things to before your married/30 and most of them suggest getting married young, is the wrong thing to do. I am in support of getting married young, as long as you know what you are doing. 

I got married when I was 23 and my husband was 27. We had about a year and a half engagement. I stretched it out so we were able to pay for everything without it breaking our bank accounts. We were gift our honeymoon but everything else, we paid for. I know a few people thought that we were way to young. I would not go back and change one thing. I am happy I got married at 23. I knew, going into it, that this was for the long haul. Divorce is not an option for me. If we have problems, we work on them and figure them out.

Now, marriage is not easy. It is not a cake walk. It isn't even 50/50. It is a 110% from both parties. There are days I come home, Chris has not done a thing around the house and caused more of a mess. I want to yell and fuss, but where does that get me? No where. Just causes a big argument. There are also days where I come home and he has cleaned the entire house. I want to hug him and love him. Those are the days to make the big deal over something, when they do clean the house or fold the laundry. 
When we first got married we would fight over dumb stuff. I have had to learn to pick my battles as I go. Fighting over something as trivial as the laundry or cleaning is insane. I refuse to spend my marriage and the time I have with Chris, fighting. If we do fight, we now are able to talk through the problems. We try to figure out why we are fighting and what made each other so mad. I refuse to go to bed mad at him, I always tell him how much I love him and let him know how much he means to me. 

Marriage is fun. It has fun things about it. Yes, it comes with more bills, more headaches sometimes  but it comes with a partner that you love so much. I would do anything for my husband. He is my world. We do not always see eye to eye but I would not trade him for anything.

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