Wednesday, December 16, 2015

LATE LATE Weekend Recap

I know it is already Wednesday and I am just now getting a weekend recap up. Please forgive me!  I had a wonderful weekend and I am couldn't not blog about it. 
I had my work Holiday party on Friday night. It was a really nice country club here called Farmington. I felt so out of place until my co-workers got there. I did however look amazing, not to toot my horn or anything but I can clean up pretty well. 

When you see an over sized mirror, of course you have to take pictures in front of it. I was on the struggle bus while trying to get pictures all night. These are the ones I feel like actually turned out pretty good.

I felt like the weekend flew by because of the party. I slept in super late on Saturday, I am pretty sure I had that nasty stomach bug that is going around. I was out all day Saturday because of it and it sucked. I felt pretty good on Sunday but due to still recovering from the stomach bug, I was a bum all day Sunday as well.

I came into to work on Monday to find this pretty plant on my desk as a gift. I am hoping I can keep it alive. It is so pretty and I SUCK at taking care of orchids and plants like them. 
With Christmas being next week, I am not prepared at all. I have not finished shopping at all. I still have to buy for like 4 people. I haven't wrapped a thing. Chris saw his gifts and didn't like them, so I have to take them back and get something else. I feel like I am going to be running around like crazy until Christmas Day. Fingers crossed I get everything done this weekend.  

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