Thursday, December 17, 2015

Goals for 2016

Every year I try to set some goals for myself and I normally I achieve them or at least try to. I have set a few goals for myself for 2016. These are not New Years resolutions. These are goals that I am going to hold my self accountable for and hopefully I am able to achieve all of them or get a good start on them. 
1. Write a book. I have been wanting to write a book for years but have yet to do so. Hopefully I can buckle down this year and find a storyline I love, and just write away.

2. Lose more weight. I have lost close to 10lbs but my goal is about 29lbs away.I know I can reach this goal, I just have to work hard and push myself. Nothing can stop me.

3. Get pregnant. This one is out of my control but hopefully it will come true.

4. Read more. I love reading and never take to the time to read anymore. I am trying to get back into my love of reading. I am setting a goal to read 2 books a month for 2016. That would be 24 books. I think I got this one.
5.  Be nicer. I know sometimes I can be a little mean to people and I do not hide it the best. I want to show I am a nice person and that my resting bitch face is not what is appears to be.
6. Pay off more debt. I was hoping to get more tackled this past year but it did not happen. Hopefully I can knock some debt down in 2016.
 What are some goals you are setting for yourself in 2016? Let me know below!

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