Thursday, December 10, 2015

Comparing Myself to Other Bloggers

Lately I have felt like my blog is lacking. I see my feed filled from other bloggers with amazing content, beautiful pictures and wonderful crafts and recipes. I feel like sometimes, I am not meant to be a blogger. I try really hard but some days, my content is just not up to par. I used to get a ton of comments and now it seems like my blog is just lacking all together.

When I started my blog, I had big dreams of having these amazing post that would get so many page views. That is not the case. I struggle every day to get views sometimes. I did not start my blog to be popular, fashion forward or part of the "cool kids in blog land". I started it because I want a hobby and that is exactly what my blog is. A hobby. 

I know I will never bring in tons of money. This will never be a full time job for me. I do not have the time to sit around all day, blog, taking fancy photos and grow my blog 24/7. I have been blogging for 3 years. In those past 3 years, my blog has grown and changed so much. There has been times where I wanted to quit, other times I loved my blog and spent more time on it. With it being a hobby, I want to know that I love it. I do not want it to be a chore. The minute it becomes a chore, I lose interest and no longer love it.

I will never be one of those popular bloggers. I will never have amazing Photoshopped pictures or speculator DIY crafts. What I do have though is a ton of heart, good content and I write what I believe in. I do not promote every little thing just for some money. I do not believe it. Do I want more pageviews? Of course...but I will not sell out or post things I do not do or believe. I do not take 20 pictures of myself, landscapes or anything else for that matter to get the right picture. I just do not have time. I work full time, I have a husband and a life outside of my blog. I always wonder how others are able to work, take care of a family, blog and have it all together.

Now this does not mean I do not want to improve my blog, my content or grow it. I want to do all of that. I want to do it on my own though and watch it grow how I want. I want it to get big for it being good content and now about a jibberish put down on here. I give 150% props to all the bigger bloggers that are able to make this their job, pull in six figure income from it and are able to have the amazing photos and content that others want to read. I am in no way putting any other bloggers down. I just feel like I do not fit into the "blogging world" sometimes and that is okay with me.

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