Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend Recap

I hate how fast the weekend goes by. I feel like I never have time to get everything done that I want to get done. I have yet to get the Christmas tree up. I am begging my husband every day to get that done. I did spend the entire weekend with my niece. I got her from her gymnastics class on Friday. She is getting really good and I am proud of her. 
I get bored during her gymnastics class normally. It is for 3 hours!! That is a long time for me to sit there. Normally it ends up with me taking a ton of selfies. She has these fake glasses and decided they looked pretty good on me. 

We went shopping on Saturday and of course I had to get some new clothes from Maurice's. That store gets me every time. It is my weakness. I also finally ordered a dress for my work Christmas party. It is semi-formal I believe so I am excited to have a reason to dress up. I can not wait for it to come in and make sure ti fits! Now to find shoes, cardigan and some jewelry to match it! 

We also made a gingerbread house. I know it is early for Christmas but hey! She had fun decorating it and it got the husband involved too. She did most of it herself. We only helped her with the walls, or I should say Chris helped with the walls. I just took a ton of photos of them making the gingerbread house. 

My weekend was a great weekend. I am sad it is gone but I am happy to be off most of this week. I will try to keep up with the blog while I am off work!

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