Friday, November 20, 2015

TTC Update #7

Time for another TTC update! I know I just did one not to long ago, but I went to the doctor and I felt like I needed to share what went on and what will be happening. 
I went to the doctor on Tuesday. I was super nervous and worried. I was trying to lose some weight before I went back. I knew if I hadn't, I was going to get fussed at. Luckily, I was down a few pounds. That made me so excited and happy. I got this and I can do it! My doctor was very happy about the weight loss and said I need to lose about 10 more and I should be good to go. She did put me on Clomid. I can not start it until I get a cycle again but fingers crossed it comes. I am also ovulating..I think. I am not going to stress over anything. It will happen if it is meant to be. 

I can only have hope. My game plan is to keep working, eating well and maintaining a happy life. Trying to get pregnant has been the most emotional roller coaster of my life. I know my day will come but until then, I need to think positive. I am no longer getting upset at others good news when they are pregnant. I have to remind my self that they could have the same journey I am on, I do not know their story and how long it took them. Everyone is different and everything happens when it does, when it should. 

I am going to remain positive and happy. I will not let this make me sad. 

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