Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Recap

Where did the weekend go? It flew by. I was off work for 5 days and I feel like it just ran right by me! I wish it would come back, but I can not make that happen. I did however, enjoy my days off and did a ton of stuff. I baked..a lot. We made more Christmas cookies and attempted to make a pumpkin roll that fell apart so we ended up making mini pumpkin rolls.
I spent most of Thanksgiving with my in-laws. We deep fry a turkey every year we are home. It is the best, taste the best and is amazing. I never actually deep fry it my self. I am scared I will burn the house down. I leave the burning of the turkey to Chris.

 I did some online black Friday shopping. I got some good deals and was shocked at the amount of gifts I was actually able to purchase. I am hoping that everyone likes the gifts I got them. I always try to put effort, thought and love into each gift I give. 

I know the holidays are not about giving gifts or receiving gifts. For me, the holidays are about spending that precious time with family and the ones who love you. I know who, in my life, truly loves me and I plan to spend the time I have with them. I had a good Thanksgiving and I am blessed to have all that I do.

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