Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I haven't posted in awhile but figured I could do a quick update on a few things going on. I am trying to stay on top of the blog but sometimes, I just need a nice break and I have had that. I am sorry to all of my readers if you have missed me. I am here still..just getting a little refreshed and some new ideas. I wanted to share a few things that are completely random though! 

I voted today! I hope everyone else did to. I will never ever share my political beliefs on here. You will never read about what party I stand with or anything. I will say this..Go Vote. Do not complain about the government and politicians if you do not make your voice heard.
I had my first red cup from Starbucks today and I must say, it was amazing. I love the holidays and to me, the red cup is the first big sign that Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are coming.
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 It is taking everything in me to not put up my Christmas Tree. You can go ahead and bet though, it will be up the week of Thanksgiving. I love it. I love the lights, the atmosphere, and just everything about it.
 I am still not pregnant. I will post a TTC update very soon. I hope that we are heading in the right direction though so everyone wish my lots of baby dust and keep all of your fingers and toes crossed. I would love to have a Christmas miracle!
I promise tomorrow will be a good post and not so random!

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