Tuesday, November 17, 2015

NUME Hair Wand Review

*This post is NOT sponsored by Nume, all opinions expressed are 100% my own. I have not been paid for this post.*
 I have to brag. A few weeks ago I ordered me the Nume Classic Curling Wand 25 MM. They had a huge sale on them and I scored mine for $24.00. I had been eyeing these for such a long time and when I saw the sale, I could not pass it up. I told my husband it was an early Christmas present. I received it yesterday in the mail and there was no way I was going to wait until Christmas to play with it. 
I was so impressed with the packaging to start with. It is packaged in the cutest container and then to top it off, it has a cute travel bag with it. 
I was nervous to try it out as normally, when I curl my hair, I look like Shirley Temple. Not this time. I have been wanting waves some kinda fierce and I got them with this wand. It only took me about 10 minutes to curl my hair and I was so impressed by the outcome. Chris never likes when I curl my hair but actually loved it last night. 
I took the time out today and actually curled my hair for work. I never do this..ever. I NEVER EVER CURL MY HAIR and I am so happy with how it turned out. The back is so pretty. I did bring the wand to work today but I am hoping it does not fall and stays cute all day long. 
I will say, if you can get this curling wand on a good deal, snatch one up. It is worth every penny. I will no longer be wasting time on cheap curling wands because they do not help my hair. I no longer have to straighten it everyday. I am very impressed and I love this curling wand. If you want your own, click here!

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