Monday, October 5, 2015

Things I Need To Do

I have found myself lately wanting to do certain things or buy things, and I have yet to do any of it. I have a nice ole list of things, have I done 1 of them? Nope! I figured maybe if I shared it on here, it would make me do more and actually cross a few things off my list.
1. Buy a GoPro. I know..nothing fancy but I want one bad. Like real bad. GoPro..send me one please.
2. Learn how to contour. I love the look when people contour their makeup. I have tried on my own and failed. I really want to go into Ulta or Sephora and be taught what to do. Why has no one came up with a beauty salon, where people teach you makeup techniques for a set price? Does this exist already? 

3. Watch Pitch Perfect 2! I am such a lazy butt on this one. I have yet to see this movie. It took me at least 6+ months to even see the first one. Hopefully I don't want this long to watch this one. 

4. Learn how to do sexy curls. You know what the sexy curls are. I want the Victoria Secret models curls. The hair is getting longer. There is no reason why I can't do this. 

5. Read more. I have really slacked in the reading department. I really need to read more books and more often. 

What are some things you have put off and want to do or need to do?? I would love to hear! Comment below and let me know!

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