Monday, October 12, 2015

Rugged Maniac Fall 2015

If you have been reading this blog for any time, you know I love me some OCR and Rugged Maniac is by far my favorite race! I ran Rugged Maniac back in the spring and decided to run again over the weekend. It was a little dreary and I was worried about it being to cold. The minute we got going though, it was perfect weather and I had a blast. I ran with one of my friends who had never ran before. She did amazing. 

Rugged Maniac is one of those things, it is not about your time. It is about going out there and giving it all you got and just finishing. If you are worried about an obstacle, overcome your fear and just go for it. You can't be afraid of the unknown. You have to just do it.I am banged up, sore and achy but you know what? I would do it all again. I love this feeling. I know that I did my best and I gave 110% when I was out there. Every bruise, bump and scratch was totally worth it. I have such a since of accomplishment!  
So for now, make sure you go register for this race! Just click here. Also below are some pictures one of my friends took during the race. I will have more once the official photos are posted!! Also let me know in the comments if you have ran this race before. If so, how did you like it?

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