Thursday, October 29, 2015

Holiday Prep!

The holidays are fast approaching. There are so many things to do before they get here. For me, this is my favorite time of year. The cold weather is amazing and it brings all of the family together. Here are some things that I do to get ready for the holidays.

1. Clean the house from top to bottom! If you plan on having family over. You want your house to be nice and clean and also if you plan on decorating you do not want to have to clean up every time you go to put up a decoration. No one likes dust bunnies.

2. Get ready for any baking you prepare to do. I typically buy a lot of the Halloween baking stuff that was on clearance and also I go to a lot of places that have sales on this stuff right before the holidays. If you go to buy it right around Christmas/Thanksgiving it can be a little more pricey, so stock up now and also its nice to have the stuff at your house so you can bake all those nice cookies and cakes that you want to have and give away!

3. Figure out what you plan on buying people for the holidays and start early. I started in August to get the ball rolling on this. If you wait until last minute it can be a lot of money out of your pocket and very stressful. I know August can be a bit early but I am almost done and it is not even December. I am not going to be stressed out at all come Christmas time. If you make a list of what you want to get people as well it makes buying the gifts easier than going to a store and wandering around until you find something they might like.

4. Christmas Cards. These things are dreaded and I hate doing them. Normally my mother in law adds our names to her card. I am finally going to do our own but the best thing to do is to get your cards when you see them come out and work on them early so you are not doing them all in one night. Your hand will get tired.

5. In our house my husband loves the movie  a Christmas Story. If you have a movie that your family loves, find it and make sure you have and watch it!

6.  If you plan on having a Christmas picture taken..take it soon if you want it on your Christmas card! And try to have your outfits matching somewhat. DO NOT get MATCHING outfits but just get color coordinated outfits. If you have the same shirt and pants and things like look like something straight out of the 70's. I prefer to take a nice fall photo with the leaves changing.

7.  If you are going to have a Christmas Dinner/Thanksgiving dinner. Prepare for it now. Especially if you are having a Thanksgiving Dinner. That thing is only a few weeks away. Write out what you are going to serve and make a grocery list so you know what you need from the store. Stuff that will not spoil get now.


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