Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Effortless Meals + A Veggie/Cheese Tray Tutorial

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With school back in, I am super busy. I work at a college and I am helping with my niece. Life can be busy some days and I do not always have the time to make a home cooked meal. My husband and myself both work full time jobs. We help get my niece from school, to gymnastics and many other things she is involved in. Some nights, cooking just does not happen. Luckily for me though, there is Effortless Meals at Walmart. 

The Effortless Meals are perfect. I can stop on my way home from work, grab a Marketside Rotisserie Chicken or a pizza and pair it with my favorite Coca-Cola product! My favorite one to get is the Rotisserie Chicken, a 2-Liter Coke and some macaroni salad. It is quick, yummy and not bad for you. Plus it only cost $10.34! You get a meal that can feed a family of 4-5 people for $10!!!! You can also get a HUGE pizza instead of the chicken if you wish. Let me tell you, that pizza is amazing! I prefer it over any other pizza!

Now since we are always so busy, we don't always have the time to eat healthy so I try as much as I can to throw in some vegetables in our dinner routine. When I buy the effortless meals, I always like to make a quick veggie/cheese tray to go with the meal. I make a simple ranch dip to go with it. It is always a hit and everyone loves it. 

Quick 5 Minute Cheese/Veggie Tray

First you want to buy all of the ingredients. Lucky for you, they are all at Walmart. You need to buy: 1 1-oz. packet Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® Dips Mix,1 16-oz. container sour cream, broccoli crowns, carrots, cheese and some crackers.
You then want to mix the sour cream and dip packet together in a bowl. Then cut up the carrots and broccoli crowns. Add them onto a nice plate. Then add the cheese and crackers. Put the dip in a nice serving bowl in the center of the plate. It can be used for snacking or as a good side dish for the main meal.
Be sure to check out more delicious effortless meal inspirations! Let me know what recipes and ideas you use when it comes to Effortless Meals at Walmart!

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