Friday, September 4, 2015

5 On A Friday

This has been a long week for me. My body is starting to get back to normal since I started taking metformin. It is giving me hope and I really needed it. It is nice to be able to think happy thoughts about pregnancy and actually see that it may be in my future.

1. PSL. Pumpkin.
Spice. Latte. I finally for my first PSL for the fall this year. I was super excited about it until the man at Starbucks was a jerk. I am not going to let it get me down. My PSL taste amazing!

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2. Urban Decay Smokey Eyes Palette. Yesterday,  I went to dinner with all of my co-workers from my job. I left there about a month ago. One co-worker gave me the palette as a gift. Who can say no to that? I am excited to play with it this weekend.

3. 3-Day weekend! Praise baby Jesus! It is a 3 day weekend. I need some rest and relaxation!

4. Fall Street Festival. The fall street festival for my little town is this weekend. I love it and have missed it the past few years because we were always traveling on the day it was held. I finally get to go and I am ready for it!

5. Losing weight! I am starting to notice my clothes are getting a little looser on me. I think the metformin, weight watchers and me working out more often are really helping me. Fingers crossed I can lose the 10-20 lbs I need to lose!

I am staying positive for the rest of the day. I am ready for 5:00, to see my husband and lay in my bed. I hope everyone enjoys their weekends!!

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