Life As Rachel: TTC Update #4

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

TTC Update #4

I promised a TTC update after my testing and after I got some results. I was not ready to post right when I got the results and felt I should wait, let me understand what is going on and go from there. I had a TON of lab work done a few weeks ago. About 5 days after, I was told my diagnosis. I have a slightly elevated testosterone level. Per my doctor I have a condition know as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Approximately 10% of women reportedly have this condition. Because PCOS is related to insulin resistance (which was not surprising due to my family history of diabetes). 

I go back at the end of the month to discuss treatment options and where I want to go from here with it. I know a big one is weight management so I have gotten back into eating healthier and working out more. The only good thing out of this, is the stress is gone now that I do have a diagnosis. I am going to remain hopeful and positive and pray that we can still get pregnant and be blessed with a child.

I will say I do still have sad times. It is hard to watch TV sometimes. Only when I watch something with small kids or babies does it bother me. I will admit that I was watching The Bates family last night on UP and I cried when one of them had a baby. It is hard but I have to stay positive and hopeful that it will happen.

I will do another update after my next doctor appointment, when we discuss treatment options and where to go from here.

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