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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pretty Little Liars-Finale

If you were online at all last night, you will know who A is. If you do not want to know, stop reading now! I am warning you!
Last night I was excited and hyped up for the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars. Did I expect A to be who A is? Nope. I swore it was Wren or Lucas or maybe even Caleb. I did not expect it to be Cece. Cece freaking Drake. 
She was Charles but then her mom had a fake funeral for her and then she became Charlotte? So she is transgender but also a psycho serial killer who loves kidnapping her family and sisters friends while also dating her brother? Creepy much???
I feel like the finale answered stuff but also left so much unanswered questions. Are the wine moms still in the basement? Are Mr. D and Jason dead? Why was Sarah in the hospital in the end..Emily only punched her. What happened to Mona?? How did Mona not know it was Ali?? If Cece/A/Charlotte wanted to be close to family, why torture them...just be their friend.  Who killed Mrs. D? My biggest one is how is Cece A/Charlotte, living in Radley, fake attending school where she was prom queen, dating her brother and spending all summer with Ali and Jason but yet she is only allowed out for day visits? See...these are just a few out of a ton of questions I currently have.

I do have to admit I was let down when I saw it was Cece. It just seems to fake and like they pulled this out of a hat to fit with the media and what is going on with the world today. It has been 5 years and this is what we get in the end. I don't understand it and I am not sure how the next season will be. The ending was odd and apparently  these girls will deal with this stuff for the rest of their life. A doesn't play around. When A stalks, A stalks for life.

I could rant for hours but I won't and there are so many plot holes and things that do not add up. My tv is lucky to still work today after I wanted to punch it last night. Anyone else disappointed in the finale or happy with it? 

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