Life As Rachel: Fall..Please Hurry

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fall..Please Hurry

Fall is so close but yet so far away!! I am ready for riding boots, leggings, scarfs and sweaters! I love Fall. It loves me. It is a pretty good relationship. I used to love Spring but as I have gotten older, fall is my season. There is something about apple pies, fall festivals, the leaves changing and wearing warm clothes! I find that Fall is pretty much the only season needed. Can we at least boot out winter? 

I associate fall with so many things but I wanted to share a few of my favorites that make fall that special to me.

Pumpkin anything. I mean honestly, if you love fall, you have to love Pumpkin flavored anything. Last year I am pretty sure I lived off of pumpkin poptarts, PSL, pumpkin pies and rolls!

Scarfs, Sweaters and riding boots. many feels. I am not a fan of summer clothes. I prefer to cover up as much as possible and with fall, I get to do that but still look cute. Give me some cute boots, leggings, sweaters and some scarfs and I am golden!

Fall Festivals. We have a huge festival here called the Apple Harvest Festival. It takes place the first 3 weekends in October and it is amazing. There is food, music, apple picking and vendors. I typically go 2-3 times when it is here. 

Apples. I love my house smelling like apple cinnamon but I feel like I can only burn the wax when its fall or winter. I am so ready for apple pies, apple scents and apple butter!

5ks/OCR's in the fall. I LOVE running but it is so much better in the fall. It is cool out, the weather is good and its so pretty out. The runs do not seem as horrible. 

Decorations. Fall has the best decorations. I love putting anything fall in the house. Pumpkins, mums, apples, etc. Anything goes and I love it! 

What are some of your favorite fall things?

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