Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Why I Chose Online Schooling

I have had a few people say stuff around me about online schooling. They criticize it and talk about it as if it is not a legitimate thing. It really bothers me so I figured I would share my education background and how I have obtained all of my degrees. 

Right after high school I attended a physical campus and received a A.A.S. in legal studies. I went to school year round and ended up finishing in a year and a half. I was completely happy with just the A.A.S. but my husband (then boyfriend) encouraged me to go back. I was working full time and was not able to go back to a physical school. Luckily the college I attended the first time had an affiliate online school. I attended Kaplan University for the next 2 years and received my B.A.S. in legal studies. I worked all day and then every evening come home for class work. It was long, tiring and I am glad it is over. 

After a few years though I wanted to broaden my education background and decided to get a few certificates. Twice now, I have enrolled with the University of Florida and I have taken 2 business classes that have given me two business certificates. I would not have them if it was not for online education. 

Online education is just as good and sometimes a bit harder. I did not have a professor who I could go visit. Everything was over e-mail and chat. I had to figure out a lot of things on my own. I feel like the test were harder and the assignments were just as hard. In a regular college environment, I did not participate in discussions in class as much but online, you have to. It is part of your grade. I feel like a good bit of people do not take someone serious when they tell them they got their degrees/certificates online. Those degrees and certificates are just as good as any other school out there. All that matters if that you went and got an education. I have student loan debt just like everyone else. The only difference is I got to sit at home and work on everything and not drive to a college campus. 

I understand that some feel that big major state Universities offer more and sometimes I wish I would of went to WVU,UVA or VT. I feel like I did miss out on a lot of college experiences by not attending a big campus and also finishing online. I did make friends long friends from when I got my A.A.S. I cherish them and I have no idea where I would be today without them. 

My big thing about this entire post is it does not matter how you get your education. All that matters is that you get one. 

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