Thursday, July 16, 2015

When I Finally Found My Blogging Voice-Guest Post

Hey everyone! I am taking a few days off due to a family death but I wanted to share some of my favorite bloggers! Check out Ashley who blogs over at A Silver Twig

When I Finally Found my Blogging Voice From the day you start blogging people are constantly telling you to “find your niche.” It’s EVERYWHERE. Find your niche. Develop your niche. Know your niche. It used to kill me. I didn’t have a niche and I was happy with that. I write a lifestyle blog and I was convinced that meant that I didn’t have a niche. I wrote about life, life is all-encompassing, therefore my blog was all-encompassing and thus, I didn’t have a niche. I was content. Now, I’m backpedaling a little bit. A little bit. See, I still don’t think I have a niche, but I did find my blogging voice and honestly, I think that should be our focus.

I found my blogging voice when I sat down one night and told my husband, "I am thinking of starting another blog."  He looked at me like I'd suddenly sprouted three new heads. "Another blog? What's wrong with the one you have?"  I went off on this long diatribe but basically the short version is this, "I don't feel like I can write about what I really want to write about on there. I want to write about what I know and what I'm good at which really is corporate life and balancing the crazy long to-do list I have. The problem though is that people don't want to read that stuff so I need another blog."  He just said, "Just write that stuff on your current blog."  When I moaned about how I'd lose followers he shook his head and just said to me, "and you'll gain new followers. If you don't like what you're writing, write something new. If you don't like what your blog has become, change it. Don't start over, just evolve."  It was that conversation that led to my a-ha moment.  Blogging isn't about finding your niche, it's about finding your voice. It's about looking deep down inside and finding who you are, then sharing that with the world. I'm so much more than A Silver Twig used to let me be. I had written myself in a corner by trying to conform to a niche or trying to appeal to a specific audience. Somewhere in there I'd lost my voice and I stopped caring about my blog.  My life consists of working a corporate career, running my own business strategy company, spending time with my husband, being a fur-momma, struggling with infertility, etc.  Somehow over half of me was lost when it came to my blog. My husband helped me find my blogging voice. I still may not feel like I've found a 'niche' but I've found a voice that personally, I think that's far more important. What about you? Do you have a niche or a voice? Does your blog reflect who you really are?

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