Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend Catch Up

The last week and a half have been a complete blur for me. My brother in law passed away and I got a new job that I start in a few weeks. With everything going on, I took a few days off from blogging. I needed a break and a little time to not stress over the blog. Thank you everyone who is still here and did not quit on me when I stopped for a few days. 

This past weekend I had my niece and her friend over. My niece has been thru a lot. She has lost her brother and now her dad. I am pretty sure I am spoiling her way to much but hey, she deserves it. I took her to the local fair Saturday with her friend. (When did the fair get so damn pricey??) She rode and rode rides until my head was spinning. I did not get on a single one. I decided to eat ice cream and cotton candy.

Saturday we went to eat at Panera and grabbed some Sweet Frog before heading to help one of my sisters move. She moved back to the area and I am so glad. I will get to see her so much more now. The biggest problem from the move was they picked the hottest day of the entire summer to move. It was so hot that some people that were helping (i.e. the hubs and the sister) both got sick from the heat. Later that night we decided (or the girls decided for us) to make smores. It was so hot and we made a bon fire. Something is not right there! We grilled hot dogs and made smores and then got into the nice air conditioning in my house. 

Sunday was spent lounging about, playing the Wii and dealing with hormonal teenagers who get mad over the littlest things. I saw my sister, Becky, and her family. They came over on Sunday for dinner. They just moved here and are settling in. I hate moving and I know how it is when you get there and everything is chaotic. 

On another good note, I start my new job in a few weeks. I can not wait. I am going back to the department I used to work in. All of my co workers there are amazing and I am so excited to see them and work with them all again!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday! 

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