Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Makeup Look

TI have seen so many post on different media sites over the past few months about how women/girls look with and without makeup. I never, ever ever ever go out of the house without makeup on. You will never see me without makeup unless you are a relative that lives with me. That is the only exception. I feel like I look so much better with makeup on my face. I do not know how to function without it. I even wear it to EVERY 5k I run even if it is a mud run. So prepare yourself for what is below.

It has taken a lot for me to post this picture. I hate how I look without makeup. I love how I look with makeup. Posting this picture, took so much out of me. I hate how it looks. I hate my blemishes and acne. I hate my freckles some days to. I do love my self though so do not take this as a "I hate my natural look" post. I just prefer how I look with my makeup. 

No I am fairly dedicated to one makeup brand. Covergirl. I am addicted to it. It is not to cheap and not pricey. I can afford it and get the look I want without breaking my bank account. 

I use all of this and few other items I realized I forgot to put in here. I am not able to contour at all but I try and I feel like my look is really coming together as I get older. I have figured out a lot of makeup tricks and I am trying new things. I get all of this at either Ulta, Target or Walmart. Typically I go to Ulta as they always have sales and coupons where Walmart and Target do not. 

What is your favorite makeup product(s)?

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