Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Miranda & Blake

If you have read my blog for awhile, you will know my slight obsession with Miranda Lambert. I have seen her in concert 4 times and every time it is amazing. She can really put on a show. She motivates and inspires woman and young girls. She is a good role model and idol to have. The first time I ever saw her, I was just entranced and was like YES girl power! Let's do this! When I left the concert, I left a super fan and have never looked back. I go see her every time she performs near me, no matter what. 

I was so thrilled when she married Blake. Now...they are divorced. I was very shocked at first, then when the shock wore off I was all like WTF is going on?? I love both of these artist, they are perfect together. What happened?? The world needs to know. I think and still do, believe they are the perfect couple! What could of went wrong with our modern day Bonnie & Clyde?

 But then I realized something. It is not my business. It is not your business. It is Miranda and Blake's business. I am pretty sure it is careers as she is never home and always traveling but it is still sad. I wish the media would respect peoples decisions and let them deal with these things privately BUT with them being celebs that is almost impossible. 

I still find that this sucks, but if I put myself in Miranda's shoes, I would want people to go AWAY! Leave me alone and let me deal with it. I am still a huge Miranda Lambert fan and always will be. I am super sad to hear about her divorce but hey, Blake, your loss. Miranda definitely won't let you ride in her little red wagon now. No one is perfect and there is no reason that we should hold these two, to that standard! 

Okay I am jumping off my soapbox! Have a great Tuesday! 

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