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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Oh life, you get in the way sometimes of my blogging. I am back though. Sorry if it seems I have been absent around these parts! My weekend was packed and full of drinking. My week is going slow and I am ready for the weekend! I have stuck to my 30 day challenge of working out for 30 minutes at least, for 30 days.

I finally broke down and bought the Magic Bullet. I got it for $40 at Bed Bath and Beyond. It was on sale for $50 and I saved $10 with my coupon! You gotta love those coupons! 

I have already used it and made a smoothie this morning. It was really good. I need to find some good recipes that involve greens though. If you have some fun, yummy and good recipes, leave me a link or comment below or shoot me an email with some good ones to try out. I am super excited to try out the starbucks frapp on my own. I have seen about 10 recipes on pinterest already for them! 

Last night was PLL night. Pretty Little Liars never disappoints. There was a lot that happened in the episode but a lot of stuff is still unanswered. They are killing me with all the suspense. A quick recap though: Andrew is out of jail and innocent even though he is adopted. Jason and Ali grew some balls and finally confront their dad. I suspect he will lie though. A is a evil evil person and is back. Sorry girls! 

Another fun thing is Big Brother, the best show of all time is back next week. They have introduced us to the new house guest and showed us the house. They are about 4 missing house guest so I suspect they are bringing back old players as a twist or players someone knows already in the house. Dun dun dun!! 

Be prepared for all of my Big Brother post and stay tuned to see what I think of the new house guest of this season!!!

I am done rambling so have an amazing Hump Day!

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