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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pretty Little Liars Recap

I watched the Season six premier last night of Pretty Little Liars. I do have to admit, as much as I love this show, I will be 100 before we ever know who A is. (stop reading if you do not want spoilers) Last night was supposed to tell us more information on Charles and give us some answers. Did it? Nope. I am more confused and have about 100 more questions now then I did before it aired. So here are some of my top questions from last night:

1. Who is the new blonde girl in the yellow top? I mean how did they not know she was there. Seriously!
2. Yellow top. Can we get a new stylist? That top is not even cute anymore. Does A make them himself?

3. Are we sure Andrew is A? I mean, hes hot, broody and all but is he really A?



5. What happened when A was done starving the girls and they went in their rooms? They screamed and acted like bad things had happened to them. 

6. Why are they so shocked when they see A? Your in his dollhouse, he will be there a lot. 

7. How does A have all this money to use for kidnapping, stalking and other serial killer things?

8. Yes Spencer, burn all of A's stuff and then have nothing to left to figure out A. 
9. Of course, they all get reunited with loves and Mona is all I will just hang out over here and hug myself. 
I absolutely love this show but it is testing me. I think Marlene King is A and will lead us on forever. I watch season after season. I have so many theories on the show and then at the end of every season..they are always wrong. I can never figure out the show, never will and will also be completely freaked out after watching every episode in the dark. Anyone else watch last night? What do you think?

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