Life As Rachel: Big Brother 17

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Big Brother 17

It is here. It is finally here! BIG BROTHER 17 airs tonight. Anyone else as pumped up as I am??? I love this show. I have watched it since it first aired when I was tiny little tot. I am excited to see how this cast acts and lives together. I am also excited to see what twist are already involved. Now if you are super fan, you know the house guest are already living in the house and have been since last week. That leaves a week of stuff already going on, fights, friendships and some much needed gossiping has already begun.

I am super pumped to see who is the heart throb, who is the drama queen, the floater, and the annoying one. Every season has a variety of cast and to see how they act, who they are friends with and who they want to be with is hilarious. I have my favorites every season as does anyone else. I hope to they have a good mix of cast. My only hope is that the guys do not dominate..again. I mean honestly. Let's get some dudes out and let a sister win this thing for once! 

I will be live tweeting this tonight, so if you want to live tweet along with me, follow my twitter! I am ready for this evening. I have booze, popcorn and the TV ready to go!! Who is with me? If you do not know who the house guest already are, check out my previous post on them!

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