Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Weight Update.

Yesterday I went to the doctor again and got my usual "You need to lose weight" speech. Thanks..I got the memo at the last appointment but please, keep on with this loveliness. I understand they are my doctor and are looking out for me but I don't need the entire appointment to be about that when that is not even why I came to see you. 

I will say though, I have not worked out since Thursday. I was so busy this past weekend that working out was just not an option. I did work out last night and will be again tonight. I always try to get 3-4 workouts in a week. I am in no way able to commit to 7 a week. That is insane. I also went to a wedding on Saturday. The picture I took at home, I love it. I love the dress and the way it looked on me. At the wedding I went to, that is a whole different story. I did not like the way I looked in any pictures so you will not get to see any pictures from the wedding. I feel like Saturday was my day to feel fat. #fatgirlday 

The next day I put on shorts and a shirt from last summer and I was able to fit in them. I felt amazing. I needed that little bump to make me feel better. I was beating myself up over the day before and how I looked. Did my weight change between those 2 days? Nope! I was just wearing something I was more comfortable in and I was happy with how it looked on me. 

I had lost 10lbs back in Jan/Feb. I was counting calories, working out and really watching what I was eating. I have gained most of that back. I got tired of counting calories and steps and just gave it all up. The only thing I was doing was working out still. I started it all back though this past weekend. I need to lose weight for so many reasons. I work out but my food is the biggest problem so I am back to making sure I am aware of what I eat more when I track it and count my calories. 

I hope I stick to this and don't give it up again. I know there are bad days and good days. I would prefer more good days then bad! 

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