Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekend Recap

I I love a long weekend. I was off Monday for Memorial Day and it was amazing. I will admit though that I did not get near enough things done around my house as I should have. Whoops! I did though have an amazing weekend. The only sad part was that I rehomed Bella. She was not getting along with our dogs and my husband was at his wits end with her. I did find her an amazing home where she can get all the TLC she needs. I did cry like a baby though when I gave her away. That sucked!
I watched my niece at gymnastics on Friday night. She is getting good at it and learning alot of stuff. It is amazing to see her do things that no one in our family is able to do. She is very talented and I love seeing her having fun and enjoying it. 
I ran a 5k on Saturday. I ran the Hard Cider Run and believe that Hard part..was HARD. It was up a mountain for about 1 mile and that killed me. My ankle even got rubbed raw and is killing me. I did run thru the pain though and felt amazing after it! I will be happy though when my ankle is all heeled up. It hurts wearing sneakers so I had to workout last night with no shoes on. I wasn't able to run so I watched Pitch Perfect and did squats, crunches, push ups, resistance band, knee lifts and a few other things. I do this during the commercial breaks. There is always a ton and they last forever so it is a way to get a nice little workout in without having to leave your own home.
 We went to 2 cookouts over the weekend and I did try to watch what I ate but we all know how that goes. I made homemade pulled pork BBQ and homemade coleslaw yesterday. Stay tuned for those recipes coming up! I did not do any cleaning at home. I was completely lazy but I did have a fun weekend and I am ready for this weekend to be here already! 

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