Thursday, May 14, 2015

UnderWarrior by U by Kotex®

Thank you to U by Kotex for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to become an #UnderWarrior and stay confident!

So I know we all don't like talking about this, but we have to! We are women. We have things. Things called a period. DUN DUN DUN! I know. Why am I blogging about this? Well I am not scared to talked about it for one. It is part of being a woman and you have to have it. Why not make sure you clothes and everything is protected while doing so?

I want to share with you the U By Kotex®  Ultra Thin Pads with 3D Capture Core, a one-of-a-kind center that locks away wetness to help stop leaks. I have mentioned the Save The Undies Campaign before and let me tell, it is a good campaign. I mean honestly I love most of my undies and I don't want to get them ruined! These help me with that. They keep my spring clothes looking fresh and I never have to worry bout a breakthrough. 

The U By Kotex®  Ultra Thin Pads with 3D Capture Core not only help you stay dry and keep your clothes safe, but they also coming in super cute packaging! 

Do you want free samples? They have them! You can visit here and find the 3D Capture Core* samples that best fit their mission to become an UnderWarrior and Save the Undies*. Make sure you click on the "Get Sample" Button and enter your mailing information so they can send you, your own free samples of U by Kotex®!
 U by Kotex®  offers a full line of feminine care products for periods including pads, liners and tampons. Outstanding protection that keeps you one step ahead. 

You can also click get sample and it takes to the site as well!

Today’s post is sponsored by U by Kotex, but my love for their pads and tampons are all my own!

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