Thursday, May 7, 2015

Rugged Maniac (after the race)

*I was compensated for this post by Rugged Maniac but all opinions are 100% my own*

This past Saturday I ran Rugged Maniac. I went into this thinking it was just like any other obstacle course. I was WRONG! It took us 2 hours to complete. I normally finish in a hour for obstacle course. This run is a BEAST. It has so much mud and obstacles that there is no way you can finish that fast. My favorite obstacle by far there is the last one, the Particle Accelerator. It is a 50 foot off the ground slide and you have to work hard to get it. Once you see that bad boy, you know you did it! 

If you don't like mud, this race is not for you. It is MUD...everywhere...the entire race. During the race you are like man, I am over this mud but after you are all "When can I do this again"!!! I am scraped up, I have bruises and my muscles are sore but you know what? It is coming back to Virginia on October 10 at this same spot as this one was. I am definitely going to be signing back up! It was worth every bit of sweat and blood (maybe no blood lol) that came out of me. 

I ran this race with 2 other people that I am friends with. I definitely say do this as a team. It is hard and you need help sometimes to get over obstacles. You can do it alone but it is much harder. Do not go into this thinking of your time. Go into it thinking of it as a fun run. If you can get over the obstacle at the start line, then you can do this race!

I loved this race. I can not wait for the fall Rugged Maniac. It felt so great crossing that finish line and I can not wait to do it again with these lovely ladies. At the end of this race you get an amazing medal, a hot shirt, and some fruit and water to replenish all of your electrolytes! Make sure you pose at the end for the photographer! You want a great picture. I am going to print mine off and frame it! If you have ran Rugged Maniac, let me know! Leave a comment below with how you felt about the run!!

All pictures are courtesy of Gameface Media and Rugged Maniac/

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