Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Wishlist

Do you ever see something, want it but are like nope...way to pricey for me? That is how I am. I have this lovely list of things I want, but they are either a) to pricey or b) my husband may get mad if I buy them. So here is my list of some things I would love to have. May the gift gods bless me and send them my way.

1. Nutribullet. This would make a world of difference for me in my weight loss.
2. GoPro. I would love to have a GoPro for all of my races and show how I do on them.
3. Tyme. This is a like a straightener but curls your hair. Yes please!
4. Ice cream ball. Seriously who does not want one of these?
5. A selfie stick. All bloggers need one.
6. Fitbit. For my fitness. I have a jawbone but I would rather have this.
7. Hunter Rain Boots.
8. A Lilly Pulitzer dress! I do not own one and would love to.
9. Some Nike running shoes!

What are some things you want but won't buy/can't buy?

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