Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My Favorite Blog Resources

Blogging is not always easy and I have learned over the years a few things that help with it. Anything free, and that makes it better. So below are a few of my favorite, free, blogging resources.

1. Pic Monkey If you need to edit a image, add text to something or even add a nice border, use this site. It is free and they have a lot of good apps that go along with it. There is a paid part of it but who needs that??

2. Photoscape. I suck at editing images most of the time but this has really helped me. I am to cheap to actually buy photoshop and this is free. I have used it a ton and actually have made some really cute printable items that I have at home in frames.

3. Freerangestock. This is the best place to get free photos for your blog. I use them some and it never hurts to throw a photo into a blog post. 

4. Free Fonts. When I downloaded Photoscape, I needed some fonts to play with, so I went to 1001 Free Fonts. It has some of the cutest and fun fonts as well as more scripty styles. 

5. Free Blogger Template. I had my layout custom made BUT for the longest time I had a free template until I finally broke down and started paying for mine. Blogger Candy has some of the best free templates.

What are some things you have found that are free and help you with your blog??

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