Monday, April 20, 2015

Why Lilly Pulitzer for Target Has Me Mad!

On Sunday, Target launched their collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer. I was very excited about this so much that I marked it in my calendar to get online and grab a few things. I am on the plus side right now and there was no plus sign items in the store. I wanted to make sure I got one certain dress that they had.

Now I love this dress and a few others that they had. When I went to grab it online, it was gone. EVERYTHING WAS GONE. Now normally I don't get mad over this. But I can not afford a regular priced $300.00 Lilly dress. These were priced perfectly for me. I was super excited when the look book came out, I wanted one of everything. Now I can not get it at all.

What I noticed is most people bought a ton, and are reselling it on Ebay for more that it is worth. If you are willing to shell out 150+ for a Target dress, why are you just not buying the real deal Lilly Pulitzer stuff? I have seen comments where people have said rude stuff about "the poor people" can't have Lilly. Seriously people? Not everyone is rich and can go blow money on a dress that cost $200 and up. I can barely afford $40.00 for one.  I have seen people marking a dress that cost around $40.00 to $350.00. That is insane. You are a money hungry person. Some people would love that dress and it is not worth $350.00. 

The only way I will ever get a Lilly Pulitzer dress now is if I find at one of the higher end consignment shops and even then it will be marked a crazy amount. I get some people have it like that and can spend whatever they want on a dress, but I can't. I have other bills that take priority. 

So..for now..I will just stew and forget all about Lilly Pulitzer because I can not afford her. Even when they try to make it affordable, it can't be. 

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