Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Yesterday I went to the doctor to figure some things out that have been going on with me. The big thing that bothered me yesterday was she kept bringing up my weight. I mentioned to her I was trying to lose weight but she still brought it up a few times. I tried to brush it off but it is still bothering me. Since 2011 I have gained 30lbs. I know thats alot but it happened over a 4 year span, not over night. I have only went up 2 pants sizes. I don't feel fat. I like the way I look. I love my curves. 

Now I know I need to lose weight. I would love to be 155 again. To me though, that is not a realistic goal right now. I want to get to 170 and go from there. I slacked off really bad in March. I ate whatever I wanted, I barely worked out. Now I am back on track. But due to the slacking off, I gained 4 of the 10 pounds back that I had lost. Once I get those off, I will work on another 5 to get to 170. I know I can do it. 

I think for me though, having a doctor put it in your face, write it in your chart about your weight gain (which I access electronically) is under stable but is also hard to hear. I have never been super skinny. I have also been chunkier than other girls but I am in no way obese. I have a little bit of a belly but other than that, I love the way I look. 

I am working hard and I have to stick with it. I need to lose weight for myself, for my husband, and so many other reasons. I will stick with this. I know there are going to rough patches and that I will give up and restart many times but I am going to do my best to stick with this. 

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