Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend Recap+photo dump

This past weekend was a blast. I had a super busy weekend with everything going on. I had my niece over the weekend, we had Easter which I had at my in laws and at my parents house. I ate way to much but I also worked out a good bit as well. I got 8 miles in over the weekend.
I am really trying to keep up with my workouts and not slack on them. March was a bad month for me but I am back on my game. I am pushing for 5-6 workouts a week. I also am switching up the workouts and making sure I have a good variety so I do not get bored or tired of them.

Saturday was spent with my niece. She is the cutest kid ever and a blast to be around. We went to a local Mennonite store and got some snacks. They just moved to a bigger location and they brought all of the animals from the previous location with them. The goats are my favorite by far.

I also had her help make cupcakes for Easter at my parents house. I must say, she is the best cupcake maker around. Be jealous Paula Dean! 

On Easter I decided that a dress was needed and wore one of my favorites from Maurices. I love that store and I have a serious addiction to it. I have to try to not go near it for awhile. It is so tempting though! I don't normally wear dresses except at work and it was nice to wear this one on Easter. It was cute but not overly dressy. 

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter and weekend. It is beautiful here and I plan on enjoying every bit of the sunshine!!

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