Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Weekend Catch Up

This weekend FLEW by. It was super busy but fun! I had my niece again and I try to do as much with her as possible so she isn't bored. We worked in the garden on Saturday and I wish I would of taken a before picture but of course, I didn't. I love the way the flower garden is turning out and it is so pretty. We have a ton of different flowers in there and I love it!

We also had some amazing BBQ, which I failed to take pictures of again but I did manage to get pictures of me and my mini me! So that's a plus on my side. 

I took my niece to Cville on Saturday evening to see the movie Home. That is one of the cutest movies. You have to go see it, even if you do not have kids. It is adorable and now I want to watch it again. Can it please come out on DVD already? I also stopped in at Alex and Ani before the movie and got 2 new bangles. I love that store but my bank account does not. Can we please lower the prices of these things??

After the movie, my niece was super shy and didn't want to take a picture in front of the Home sign. I forced her to but so she didn't feel so shy I took one of my best Fat Amy impression. I must say, I got it down pretty well. Casting, call me!

Yesterday was amazing. I loved the weather and I wish it was like that still today but alas, it is raining today. The good part about the rain, all my newly planted flowers are loving it!! I am so excited for everything to start blooming! I also started my diet back again. I am back to counting calories. I hated it before but I saw real results with it so I am back to it. I may not like it, but it works! I will post another weight update when my results are better!

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