Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Running and Beer

Over the weekend I ran another 5k. This one was strictly running, no obstacles or anything. It had to many hills but hey, its worth it in the end. I ran with one of my friends from work and we both did 46 minutes. I would love to be under 40 minutes but that takes time and effort and I just have to stick with it. I am running another 5k this weekend, Rugged Maniac. It is tough but I have people I am running with. You can not do these alone and teamwork is a big part of them. Check back next week for a recap from the Rugged Maniac. I am super excited to run it. If you have ran it before, did you love it???

I finally got back on my treadmill last night. I had not ran on it in forever. I had been sticking to other workouts. I am so glad I ran last night. I was able to run longer and stuck it out longer than I normally do. I get burned out quick running but I hope I can stick with it. It is a big love/hate relationship. 

After the 5k Saturday, I completely killed any work that I had done by drinking beer..and more beer. Some days though require it. After a stressful work week, it has happened a couple times but hey...I am okay with it! I hope this week is better. The weather is so amazing here in Virginia and it definitely puts me in a better mood. Running has helped me with stress and running 1.5 miles last night is the best destress method I use. (ever over the booze) There is a natural high and something about pushing yourself harder and faster than you did last time! I am in no way a runner, but I am begging to be something. I may not have a 6 minute mile, but mine 14-15 minute mile is still a mile. The distance is the same!

I am going to try and run more tonight and get a better time and distance. This is the biggest struggle I have. My time when running but I know I am still getting up and running and doing something. I am not just sitting on the couch being lazy! 

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