Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Today I posted on a message board a question I had about TTC (trying to conceive).I will not say what message board it was. I was in no way expecting the answer I wanted or even remotely an answer that would apply to me. I was just hoping to get advice from others in the same situation as myself. Over the past 8 months since TTC I have poured over message boards on various sites and reading up on information. I have bought book after book trying to figure things out and why things were happening and why things are not happening.My doctor will not help until we have been TTC for a year. I didn't think it would hurt to post my question and seek advice from others. 

I then got some answers I was not expecting. 

Only one person actually came to my defense and was nice. She then got rude messages to herself from these women. 

Now yes..none of these are super mean but they are not what you would expect on a message board that should be uplifting. I was truly shocked about the responses. I then went to other boards on this site and saw the same women doing this to other women that were just confused and seeking advice like myself. In no way did I expect the answers I received. I was mad at first, then typed a response to these women but I never hit publish. What good would it do me? Nothing. It would do no good. They will continue to be mean, bitter and rude to other women who are confused and frustrated like myself. 

I understand how it is online, people are hidden by a keyboard and a screen. They feel like they can post and say whatever they want and it does not matter if they hurt someones feelings. I wish people would take a few moments before hitting reply when they post something. I read over my reply multiple times and decided that hitting reply would not change a thing. What does that do for me or them? Nothing. They could care less. 

I wish women would be more uplifting to others instead of rude and nasty. 

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