Monday, April 20, 2015

Meet Bella

Friday night when I got home, there was new dog at our house. My husband decided a 3rd dog would be fine with me. At first I did not want another one but now, this little girl has me hooked!

Meet Bella. 

She is a border collie/beagle mix, so I say she is a Border Beagle! She is a typical puppy. She is hyper, whiny, and tired. A lot. I have been sleeping with her on the couch the past few nights so she will sleep. She needs to feel the warm of someone and she doesn't like you being out of her site. She is already spoiled. She plays well with her 2 bigger sisters. They are very intrigued with her and have no idea what to make out of her. They are already playing with her and are super gentle with her!

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