Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was an amazing weekend. It was busy but packed with a ton of stuff. I love those weekends except they fly by way to fast! Friday night we had friends over and just hung out, drink some beer and chilled. I love evenings like that because I get to relax at home and just have fun without the stress of being out and about.

Saturday I binged watched some TV with Chris. We lounged around for a good part of the day until I went shopping with a friend. We went all over the places and got some really good deals. My favorite was a watch I snagged at Target for $8.00. I had been looking for a nice watch for awhile and finally found one I love. We were out until LATE shopping. Did you know Kohls and Target are open to 11 on weekends? I didn't but I am so glad they were or the shopping fun would of ended quickly.

Sunday I had Wine and Design. This was like my 10th going. It was at a local vineyard by the house which was only a 5 minutes drive for me. We painted a Rooster. I was not sure about him at first but I love it now and I can not wait to hang it up in the house!! I never thought I could paint but Wine and Design can make anyone a painter!

After that we grilled out, watched TV and cleaned a little. The weekend flew by but was a ton of fun. Most of my weekends are jam packed in the spring and I love it. This weekend I have a 5k in Richmond! Make sure you check out Mondays post for that!

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