Monday, March 2, 2015

Spring TV Lineup

The best part about Spring my spring time tv shows that I love. I have a set number of shows I love and I am so excited that a good bit of them are back this week!!

Here are some of my favorites that are back.

1. Once Upon a Time. If you are not watching this show, then something is wrong with you. It has fairy tale characters, true love, HOT MEN WITH ACCENTS, fighting and everything else you could want. It is seriously of the best shows on right now. It started back last night and the premiere was amazing.


2. The Following. This show is INSANE but great. It started out in Virginia near where I live and now has expanded all over the U.S. It is about a serial killer and a cop and at least 3-6 people die every episode. My husband will not watch it as to many people are dying but I love it. 


3. Pretty Little Liars. Now this has been back on for awhile but it is leading up to the BIG reveal of who A is! I am excited to see it. I stopped reading the books as they were just to out there for me and the show has gone that way to but I am way to invested in the show to turn it off at this point. Do you watch this show? Who do you think A is?
What shows are you loving this season??

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  1. I am so excited for the new season of The Following! the past two have been fantastic!


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