Monday, March 9, 2015

Happy Monday!

This past weekend flew by with the time change and birthday celebrations! My birthday is today and I am 28 years old. I feel old. When I was 21, 22 and 23 birthdays were so much fun. Now..I just feel old. I am so close to 30. My mother in laws birthday is tomorrow so we typically celebrate together which I love. I love being around family!

On Saturday we went to a German restaurant where I live. It is so authentic and the waitress wear the beer girl outfits! The give you way to much food and you leave feeling sickly stuffed but it is oh so good!! 

On Sunday we got to enjoy lovely weather and relax. I cleaned my house from top to bottom. I de-cluttered some which was much needed in our house. We had stacks of mail, junk and other stuff laying around. I love de-cluttering and throwing away stuff we no longer need! You never realize how messy something is until you do a deep clean like that. It was much needed and I plan on cleaning windows and stuff this weekend!! I also had dinner with my in-laws again and since the weather was so nice here we actually got to eat outside and enjoy the afternoon! 

Today is my birthday and what better for my birthday than a lovely trip to the Dentist. My teeth are in amazing shape and no cavities to report. I actually do not mind going as long as no drilling is going on in my mouth. They did screw up my makeup though and I had to reapply it but at least my teeth are sparkling and clean!!

Now for the rest of the day I will eat to much and worry about it later!

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