Friday, March 20, 2015

Hair Dilemma

Over the past year I have been growing out my hair. About 3 years ago I chopped it all off and last year I really missed my long hair. Being able to throw it up and just go, that is amazing. My hair is finally growing out, thank goodness, but now I am at the spot where I am trying to learn new hairstyles and they don't always work out. 

For months I have been trying the sock bun. I struggle with hair so this simple bun was stumping me. I finally got it last night though. I was super happy and ran out to show my husband and even put it online. I tried to do it for work today..NO GO. My hair was all no way am I gonna work for you today. So I went with a simple pony today.

I tried the hair wrapped around your pony tail. I can get that but then securing it, that's where I struggle. I can tug it into the hair tie but it looks odd and I can use bobby pins, but they show sometimes. Any tricks would be great!
I can braid others hair but when it comes to my own, nope. Not happening. I want to learn how to do a side braid. I have watched countless videos.  and still can not do it. My fingers refuse to work when I need them to.

So here are the hair styles I can do: Straight with a blow dryer or straightener, pony tail, bun with spin pins and now a sock bun. My hair is very fine and never wants to work and do what I want. I can't curl it because I struggle. I have 4 different curling irons and wands and nothing! The only way I have been able to curl my hair is with my Curl Secret.  So my plea to the world, help me learn how to fix my hair and not always wear it down or in a pony tail. I would love to be able to do cute hair styles for once. 

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