Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Blogger No-Nos

I have been blogging for a long time and I have certain blogs I love, some I dislike, and some I read every now and then. I have learned some things over the past few years about blogging and here are some of my No-Nos for blogging.

1. Do not post a sponsored post for every post. I get it..it is nice to score some free swag or even some money but when every post is sponsored, your blog loses its authenticity. I don't want to read all sponsored post on your blog and never find anything original.

2. Do not only post link ups. This kinda goes with #1. If all you post is a link up, I won't read it nor will I post one every day. I think you need some original content at some point. 

3. Do not bash other bloggers. I have never done this but over the years I have seen some nasty stuff and it is not nice. Everyone gets ballsy behind a computer screen. Just remember if though you do not know the person, the hateful things you say still hurt.

4. Do not steal content from other bloggers. I mean really, come up with your own stuff. Someone took time and effort to make that post that you are stealing and to have someone just copy it and not give credit is hard and hurts. 

5. Always give credit. You always want to give credit to a post idea, picture or anything that is not your own in a post!

6. Word verification. I hate doing this but I more than likely will not post a comment on a blog with a word verify on it. When I have a blog roll of 100+ to read, that just takes to much time. (Thanks Amanda for this one)

7. No Reply. I am guilty of this as well because Google hates me but when you are a no reply blogger, I can not reply to you! I would love to e-mail you back and chat with you but I can't! 

What are some blogging no-no's for you? Let me know below!

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