Tuesday, March 31, 2015

5k Foam Glow

Over the weekend I ran the 5k Foam Glow in Richmond. It is basically a big rave party with a dj, lights, foam but no booze! It was super cold out but that did not stop the thousands of people that attended! I am not sure how well I did running as there was no official timers and we got started about 30 minutes late due to the waves they were letting go. I did try to run the whole time but did not succeed. I do think my time was pretty good though. It was not a hard course but it was not super easy either. The BIG hill was horrible but I got through it!! It was way to cold to even stop running!!!

This run is more of a fun run than an actual tough competitive run. If you are able to ever run it, do so. My only issues is it is not the best organized and they start the waves at 8:00 and with so many people running, it takes forever to get going! I also didn't like how I had to pay $5.00 to pick up my packet. I would run this again though as it is a super cheap run!!

I have 3 more runs I am signed up for. I want to get to the point where I can run the entire race and not have to take a break and speed walk. I run at home inside on my treadmill, it never compares at all to running outside with the elements. Hopefully with the weather getting nicer, I can start to run outside and get ready for my upcoming races!! 

Also have you ran this race? What 5ks or marathons are you running this year?? Let me know below!!

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