Friday, February 27, 2015

Weight Update

It is that time again..for another update on me. I have been slacking in the working out department. Slacking as in I did not work as much as I should have last week or this week. I am back on my game though. I love running and working out and I feel amazing after I do run! I have not weighed myself in awhile because I am scared of the scale. It is not my friend and we are not going to be friends for awhile. I will only weigh myself about once a month now as I don't want to get upset if I don't see that scale move. I can obsess over things easily. 

I have also stopped counting calories. Before I was tracking calories and my steps as well as my workouts along with everything I track to get pregnant. Well this is exhausting and I can't keep up with it all. The best part of knowledge that I have learned from counting calories is that I am so much more aware of what food is good or bad for me as well as how many calories is in something. I definitely am making better choices when it does come to food compared to a few months ago. 

I am loving the new me and I can not wait to get to my goal weight. I have to stay motivated which can be super hard at times. It is all about decisions and I just need to make the right ones!

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