Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Things Lately

So I know I haven't blogged as much lately but I have a pretty valid reason. My dad had a quad-bypass yesterday. He is MISERABLE right now but he has amazing care and is being looked after 24/7 until he is out of ICU. He is in a lot of pain but hopefully that will start to ease up soon. Just keep him in your thoughts and prayers for us as he is still not out of the woods!

Also it is Health Health Month!! It sort of fits since dad had heart surgery yesterday!

I have kept up with the diet! It has been hard and sometimes it is easier to just grab something quick but I have not done that. I am still packing my lunch and planning my meals. It is worth it and I am so excited to hit my goal weight. I am at 175 and I am so ready to lose the 15lbs I need to!! After that I may lose more.We shall see how it all goes.

I have taken a before picture but I am way to scared still to show it to anyone! But for now..here is one from the weekend and I feel like I look fabulous!!

Other than that I have nothing going on but work work work! I promise to update the blog every day so stay tuned..you never know what you will see!


  1. Hope your dad is doing okay.. and you do look fabulous!

  2. Hope your dad is doing okay! You're looking great! Keep up the good work. :) And I really like that quote about how it's a mental thing, not a physical thing. Dieting is so hard (I'm currently failing)

  3. Definitely keeping your dad in my thoughts and hope he is able to recover quickly and not be in so much pain!!! Hugs!


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