Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I'm Dreaming of...SPRING!

It happened. We finally got more than a few flurries of snow in Virginia. I hate it. Most people love snow, but not me. We live in the middle of no where and it is honestly terrifying to me to try and drive on our road when there is ice/snow. Twice now I have spun all the way around in my car on our road in bad weather. 

It still looks like this today even though I did get my car our. My husband decided to not plow or shovel anything as the sun can do the same job! I am wishing he did plow now as that was not fun to get out of today! 

Now I will admit it is very pretty. It looks great and its cool to see fox and deer tracks that you would not see without the snow. The uncool part is the mess it leaves behind, the 9 degree weather we had this morning, the -2 degree weather we are going to have tomorrow night. I am so ready for flip flops and the sun. Spring time can not get here soon enough.

So maybe some positive thinking will bring spring to me??


  1. I've never experienced snow living in's about 37 degrees here and I'm loving it! The sun is shining, I very frequently wear flip flops, but just a cold breeze in the air. It's crisp and perfect.

  2. I am so over this cold weather! It's hard being inside with a baby!

  3. Oh, I'm so jealous. We've got flurries but nothing sticks! I'm going to go do a dance for the snow gods and pray that we get a snow day sometime this week... down here in Georgia!



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