Thursday, February 5, 2015


..sick. I woke up today sick and I am not feeling so hot..but I am at work.
wearing...Dress with leggings and boots. My go to outfit! So comfy and it covers the bad areas.
listening...I hate to admit this but One Direction. I even bought their cd and told my self it was for my niece. Whoops!
eating...nothing. I have no appetite. 
reading...NOTHING! I need some new books people. I just keep re-reading my favorites on my Nook.
worrying...about dad. He is still in the hospital but hopefully will be discharged soon. I can't go see him though as I am sick. feel better soon..ugh!
wanting...vacation. I have one planned in May and it can not get here soon enough. 

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  1. Feel better! It seems like everyone's been battling something lately *hugs*


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